The Chocolate Yogi – Vegan Chocolate that Changes the World

The Chocolate Yogi – Vegan Chocolate that Changes the World

The Chocolate Yogi is perhaps the cutest chocolate ever.

And they aim to make vegan chocolate that changes the world.

I was hooked. There was just so much to love about The Chocolate Yogi.

And I’m not just talking about their organic, wholefood, healthier ingredients. Nor their honest, rich and unique flavours.

Nor the fact they actually live up to their goals of changing the world – by donating 10 cents for every fun bar sold to Sea Shepherd Australia and five cents for every Oscar Orangutan sold to the Orangutan Project.

Megan and Ed began their Chocolate Yogi adventure mid 2014, about the same time they moved to an island off of the northern beaches of Sydney. All of their ingredients had to be sent to their home kitchen by boat, where they made chocolate in minuscule 3 kilogram stonegrinders. Eventually they had mega 400 kilogram stonegrinders sent over by barge, before moving their factory back to the mainland at Hornsby, New South Wales.

The Chocolate Yogi is raw chocolate, using antioxidant rich raw cacaco, coconut sugar, raw coconut, coconut flour, raw lucuma and vanilla.

The Chocolate YogiI first tried Frothy Toffee. It was darker in colour than expected and smelt sweet and fudgey. I noticed that familiar raw choc aroma, but less licoricey.

It was soft and melting, with a smooth texture that oozed over my tongue.

I could feel the love (and little crunchy, molassesy bits). It was creamy and light, but curiously not exactly frothy. The crunchy pieces varied in sizes, reminding me of the appearance of instant coffee granules.

Definitely yummy.

Hunny Bumbly had sticky little crunchy speckles, golden to dark brown in colour. It contained six per cent ‘hunnycomb’ pieces surrounded by sweet ‘mylk’ chocolate.

Peppermint Jazz also had dark sticky speckles, this time scattered in a light brown chocolate with an upbeat fresh minty taste.

Head in the Clouds was darker than pictured on the wrapper and didn’t really remind me of typical white chocolate. It was intense and silky smooth, and again oozey melty with a rich coconut sugar flavour.

The Oscars were incredible. Bite sized and beautiful. He comes in three flavours; ‘mylk’, ‘mylk The Chocolate Yogicaramel’ and ‘whyte’.

‘Mylk’ Oscar reminded me of coconut rough. Like all of The Chocolate Yogi’s bars, he was full of creamy deliciousness.

‘Whyte’ Oscar felt a smidgey bit grainy, very sweet and like a coconut dessert. Mylk Caramel Oscar reminded me of chocolate bullets.

All of The Chocolate Yogi’s bars are dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar, and palm oil free and are made in a factory that doesn’t use nuts. Some of their bars are even caffeine and theobromine free.

Even their display boxes are made from 100 per cent recycled cardboard with soy-based inks, and The Chocolate Yogi is currently looking into introducing a compostable wrapper.

Their fun bars come in six different flavours, with feel good, smile-inducing slogans and bright recognisable packaging. And Oscar is as kid-friendly as he is adult-friendly. Adorably delicious and perfectly proportioned.

Super stuff. Cheeky chocolate with loads of love and a REAL conscience.

Find them here.

The Chocolate Yogi – Frothy Toffee (per 35 g bar) – 205kcal // 13.8g C (incl 12.0g sugar) / 15.2g F / 1.2g P
The Chocolate Yogi – Oscar – Mylk Chocolate  (per 15g bar) – 87kcal // 5.3g C (incl 4.1g sugar) / 6.7g F / 0.7g P

The Chocolate Yogi

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