Pure Place Pure Tone Pea Protein Powder

Pure Place Pure Tone Pea Protein Powder

Pure Place offers two vegan protein powders – Vanilla Cinnamon and Cacao Coconut. Both of them are made from organic pea protein, and are the creation of Lorna and Fabian, former New Zealanders who fell in love with the beauty of Queensland’s Gold Coast and set about  to create healthy, delicious-tasting pea protein with simple and natural ingredients.

I ripped off the top of the brown package of Pure Place Pure Tone in Vanilla Cinnamon and stuck in my nose. It was clearly vanilla, the aroma not unlike many a vegan pea protein. It was oddly reminiscent of the scent of plastic. Or was it rubber? But pleasantly so, so concerned I was not.

The powder was very fine, a delicate dust and pale mocha in colour. I noticed specks of what was surely cinnamon.

I love cinnamon. I love peanut butter and salted caramel more, but cinnamon is certainly up there. I gravitate to those flavours, forever and always. But I have one gripe with cinnamon – it’s never as intense in flavour as I desire. I’m always after more – just one more dash, another desperate dusting, but I rarely feel it’s enough.

And as hopeful as I was, it was not enough this time again. And far from it. I needed more. Had I not seen the specks of cinnamon spice, I’d question it’s presence.

Dang it.

I tried it simply. 30g with 250ml water. The pack suggested using a milk, but I rebelled. It was very thick and surprisingly grainy, an almost pasty sensation on the palate.

It bubbled brilliantly in my shaker, the option I’d taken to prepare my powder, but I would vote for more liquid, or none at all and instead some nut butter and nibs of cacao for a tasty chewable treat.

Pure Place Pure Tone in Cacao Coconut made me think of raspberries. It had a sweet fruity aroma, followed by Bounty bars. This one tasted much better. Again it was a pale and warm mocha colour, with a few dark specks.

I could still feel the powder in my mouth, but it was fine. It wasn’t too sweet, which I appreciated and found it very easy drinking. It tasted light and fresh, and faintly of coconut. I had again added more water than recommended – about 300ml or so per 30 gram serve. The texture wasn’t thick or gelatinous like some, but nor was it too thin and watery.

Pure Place Pure Tone vegan protein powders are sweetened with stevia extract, and are gluten free and contain no GMOs, artificial flavours or fillers.

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Pure Place Pure Tone Organic Pea Protein – Vanilla Cinnamon (per 100g): 404kcal // 9.8g C (incl 8.2g sugar) / 6.4g F / 75.4g P
Pure Place Pure Tone Organic Pea Protein – Vanilla Cinnamon (per 100g): 404kcal // 7.1g C (incl 5.0g sugar) / 7.0g F / 75.9g P

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