Protein Supplies Australia Restore – Premium Isotonic Drink

Protein Supplies Australia Restore – Premium Isotonic Drink

So I was a little too keen for Protein Supplies Australia Restore.

I hadn’t even begun my workout and I was downing the ‘premium isotonic drink’, which promised to ‘rehydrate and recover’.

I didn’t think it mattered. I was being prepared. And plus, it was a pine coconut in flavour. I couldn’t wait and hour or so for that.

My first impression was of jelly babies (back in the pre-vegan days) or a very deliciously-scented lip gloss. It had that freshly opened bag of mellow lolly aroma. The taste was refreshing and mildly pina colada-esque, neither sickly nor intense.

It felt silky smooth in my mouth, very reminiscent of coconut water, not surprisingly. It wasn’t as sweet as the smell, and was in fact quite mild. I wouldn’t have minded a touch more tang to it, to boost that quenching taste.

Protein Supplies Australia Restore has a great mix of ingredients, including coconut water, branched chain amino acids, l-glutamine, sea minerals, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

There are 245mg of BCAAs in a 4:3:3 ratio and 950mg of l-glutamine per 10 gram serve.

As for the sea minerals, this is sourced from sustainable seaweed in Iceland and is said to assist ‘blood pressure, heart rhythm and bone strength and density’.

Restore will definitely do the trick after a heavy workout or sweat-inducing session, replenishing the body with nutrients often lost during exercise.

Coconut water is well known to contain naturally occurring electrolytes, and provides some sweetness. Restore is sugar-free, but has a little stevia too.

Really loved the simplicity of this product. Genuinely clean and well thought-out ingredients and very pleasing on the palate.

Find it here.

Protein Supplies Australia Restore (per 10g serve) – 24kcal // 4.9g C (incl 0.7g sugar) / 0.04g F / 1.2g P

Protein Supplies Australia Restore


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