Protein Supplies Australia Bio Pro Protein Powder

Protein Supplies Australia Bio Pro Protein Powder

Protein Supplies Australia offer three Bio Pro protein powders; Bio Pro Choc Hazelnut, Bio Pro Vanilla Cinnamon and Bio Pro Pure.

Bio Pro is a rice protein, but not just any old rice protein; it’s an organic certified bio fermented sprouted brown rice protein isolate.

Mic drop.

Being fermented means it has gone through a fermentation process (just like beer?),  but has been pushed a little further than Protein Supplies Australia Rice Pro so that more dietary fibres and carbohydrates/natural sugars are filtered out, leaving a higher percentage of protein. It also means it is less likely to cause any stomach upsets.

Bio Pro is sprouted and fermented at a low heat so as not to damage the proteins.

Along with being vegan-friendly and a complete protein source (ie. containing all 9 essential amino acids), it is easy-to-digest, hypo-allergenic, and soy, gluten and wheat free. The brown rice protein is sourced from certified organic farms across the globe.

The ingredients are super simple too, which is hard not to love. Bio Pro Choc Hazelnut contains natural chocolate and hazelnut flavours, certified organic cacao powder, cinnamon and stevia, and the Vanilla Cinnamon contains natural vanilla flavour, cinnamon, nutmeg and stevia.

And that’s it. Apart from the OCBFSBRPI, of course. Please don’t make me write it again.

Bio Pro in Choc Hazelnut had a drool-inducing Nutella-esque aroma. I dipped my finger into the majestic dust and it tasted flipping mad just as is. I could taste the hazelnuts clearly.

When I added it to water, it reminded me of an after-dinner liqueur. I could feel the tiny grains on my tongue and roof of my mouth. It was a little earthy, but very pleasant.

It tasted like gelato. The chocolate was apparent, and suddenly I envisioned incredible smoothies with banana and even coffee. The texture was quite thin, but it didn’t taste watery.

Despite the mild grittiness, I quite enjoyed this over the mushiness that pea protein can often produce.

Even the aftertaste was great – fresh and nutty.

Bio Pro in Vanilla Cinnamon was equally as good. It reminded me of a cinnamon latte or a wet cake mix when you just want to dip in your finger or get out a spoon and forget about baking it. It was quite mellow, yet very easy drinking. Again the texture was a little gritty, but not concerning at all.

Find it here.

Protein Supplies Australia Bio Pro – Vanilla Cinnamon (per 100g): 360kcal // 7.4g C (incl 0.3g sugar) / 0g F / 81.5g P
Protein Supplies Australia Bio Pro – Choc Hazelnut (per 100g): 359kcal // 6.4g C (incl 1.55g sugar) / 1.0g F / 79.1g P

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