Protein Supplies Australia BCAA

Protein Supplies Australia BCAA

There’s nothing like an icy cold glass of lemony goodness on a hot day, particularly when you know you’re knocking back some tasty tasty amino acids – leucine and his mates isoleucine and valine.

These three of the nine essential amino acids are frequently found hanging together, running amuck and working on their gains.

Being vegan friendly, Protein Supples Australia BCAA are naturally fermented. They’re sweetened with stevia and naturally flavoured, and contain non-GMO lecithin for easy mixing.


The aroma was super lemon-limey. Intense and buzzing. It had almost no colour and was very sweet and tangy. I was impressed with its solubility; the powder dissolved incredibly well. I noticed no bitterness or sickly flavour and instead found it very refreshing.

BCAAs come in various ratios. Protein Supplies Australia had adopted a 4:3:3 ratio. Protein Supplies Australia say that their BCAAs may assist in muscle repair and promote muscle growth over time.

Many BCAAs are animal-derived, however, Protein Supplies Australia source theirs from non-GMO sugar-beets from Brazil.

Protein Supplies Australia BCAA also come in Grape, Blood Orange, Pine Coconut and Pure. I’m keen to try their other flavours.

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Protein Supplies Australia BCAA

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