Petite Protein – Vegan Protein Powder

Petite Protein – Vegan Protein Powder

As they say, good things come in small packages. Petite Protein was no exception.

Upon opening my packet of Petite Protein in chocolate, I noticed a pleasant smell. It was sweet and chocolatey, and not rubbery like some other vegan proteins. This was already a good start.

I tipped the contents into approximately 250 ml of water. After shaking, it created a very smooth and slightly creamy texture. Zero grittiness.

The flavour was mild, but very pleasant. It was neither bold nor intense, and was very palatable. It was also not too sweet, but left no bitter aftertaste.

Petite Protein in vanilla had a strong vanilla aroma and was bubblier than the chocolate Petite Protein once shaken. Again, it was very smooth and had a -perfectly balanced, mellow flavour, with no bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste.

It was very easy to drink, and simply tasty.

The fact that Petite Protein’s flavour wasn’t overdone or  was too intense allowed it to be enjoyed by many. It also meant it to be added to other products or recipes with ease.

Petite Protein is a blend of four proteins – pea protein isolate, sunflower protein, pumpkin protein and watermelon protein. This was a fascinating combination and not something you see every day.

I love to try unique blends such as Petite Protein’s because it offers greater health benefits from diverse ingredients and creates a better amino acid profile (for all those vegains!).

Petite Protein also contains fermented l-glutamine, digestive enzymes and probiotics to assist with digestion and absorption. It is also naturally sweetened with stevia. Although stevia is not my favourite sweetener in terms of taste, I had nothing bad to say about the sweetness or flavouring of Petite Protein. To the contrary, I was very impressed.

Petite Protein currently comes in only two flavours, vanilla and chocolate, but there may well be more on the horizon! Although vanilla and chocolate are common flavours, this was the only thing common about Petite Protein.

If you have a look on Petite Protein’s website, you will also find some delicious recipes, including gooey choc brownies, choc coconut vegan protein balls and delicious lemon cheesecake jars. I only wish I had more Petite Protein to test out these drool-inducing recipes.

Find it here.

Petite Protein – Chocolate (per 25g serve): 89kcal // 0.9g C (incl 0.05g sugar) / 0.6g F / 19.3g P
Petite Protein – Vanilla (per 25g serve): 89kcal // 1.6g C (incl 0.1g sugar) / 0.4g F / 19.6g P
Petite Protein

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