Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar – Choc Chip, Nut & Vanilla Flavoured

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar – Choc Chip, Nut & Vanilla Flavoured

At first there was a mildly dusty peanutty presence. And then, gently, came the sweetness.

Myprotein’s vegan protein bar was truly chocolate, with a caramel character and almost cookie dough quality.

It was soft and smooth, and melted in the mouth in between the crunch of crumbled nuts and chocolate chips. I enjoyed the consistency, the added pieces decently sized and contrasting against the mostly delicate texture of the bar.

It was pretty small in size – a snack for the not-so-peckish. But no doubt it was also the ideal intra-workout snack, the prime 3pm pick-me-up and the well-earned, emergency stash staple.

A big box of these bars would do wonders to my pantry. I was happy with them. They were tasty, and very macro-friendly, with 13 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat and 12g of carbs per bar.

The main ingredients were nuts. Seriously, these bars contain 15 per cent roasted almonds and 14 per cent cashew nut butter. You’ll also find in the ingredient list pea protein isolate (14 per cent) and rice protein. It is sweetened with xylitol, agave syrup and concentrated grape juice.

These bars come in two other flavours as well; peanut and maple syrup, and chocolate cashew and orange. I’ll take a box of the former too. And the latter, if I’m feeling sophisticated.

Find them here.

Myprotein Vegan Protein Bar – Choc chip, Nut & Vanilla Flavoured (per bar – 50g): 231kcal // 12g C (incl 5.7g sugar) / 14g F / 13g P

Vegan protein bar Vegan protein bar

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