Myprotein Hemp Bars

Myprotein Hemp Bars

Myprotein Hemp Bars are a little musty in flavour, but not in aroma. In fact I could smell nothing, my nostrils flaring with desperation.

There was the little occasional crispy crunch, with a raisin-esque sweetness. It was greeny brown in colour and spotted with seeds.

A handy source of fat, these Hemp Bars contain 13 grams of fat, 8.8 of which are saturated. You’ll also get almost 10 grams of protein, owing to the hemp and pea protein, with the assistance of oats.

As for the oats, they’re the main ingredient and make up almost one fifth of the bar. Next is coconut oil, sticking all the other goodies together, along with  fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), golden syrup, date syrup and dried dates for sweetness.

FOS (please don’t make me write it again) are indigestible carbs made mostly of fructose and are a form of soluble fibre and prebiotic. Each bar will also give you 7g of fibre.

The texture is surprisingly smooth, given the various ingredients, which also includes shelled hemp, chia and flaxseeds.

I didn’t mind Myprotein Hemp Bars at all, and although an acquired taste, I enjoyed them. In fact, I could go one right now.

Check them out here.

Myprotein Hemp Bars (per 50g serve): 237kcal // 17g C (incl 10g sugar) / 13g F / 9.9g P

Hemp Bars
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