Myprotein Vegan Chocolate Baked Cookie

Myprotein Vegan Chocolate Baked Cookie

Cookies. COOKIES! Who doesn’t love them?


My point exactly. And when it’s described as a protein cookie. And more importantly a VEGAN protein cookie, you’re going to see some very excited faces.

Mine in particular.

This cookie tasted phenomenal. So good that I knew I could probably only eat half.

Protein CookiesNot because I could actually only eat half (I could eat ten of them. Not really! I could do way more than ten), but because something this good had to be a little heavy with the calories.

And it was. Just a wee bit up there in the old calories for me, but only because I’m watching what I eat.

But half a cookie, while I cried as my husband ate the other half, was absolutely perfect. And when paired with a soy piccolo latte pre workout, holy flip, it was gold.

The cookie tasted more like a brownie to me. A little Subway cookie-esque, but bigger and better. It was rich, dense, chewy, melty, a little doughy, and all of the other mouthwatering adjectives used to describe the perfect chocolate protein cookie.

And you couldn’t even taste the protein. But it was in there. 13 grams per cookie. Or 6.5 for me.

I could taste the sugar, but I didn’t mind. I love the taste of sugar. Who doesn’t?


Again, my point exactly.

The sweetness hit me in the back of the throat, a warm, tingling, sugary sweetness.

It was a little mudcakey, and perfectly dunk-able. A real treat and dangerously delicious.

I only had four halves, two of which I shared. I’d be very partial to reviewing more halves of Myprotein’s Chocolate Baked Cookie. Say, ten. (Or even twenty).

Find them here.

Myprotein Chocolate Baked Cookie (per 75g cookie): 289kcal // 38g C (incl 16g sugar) / 8.6g F / 13g P

Protein Cookies Protein Cookies

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