Lupins for Life – Toasted Protein Flakes

Lupins for Life – Toasted Protein Flakes

Lupins for Life is not just a brand, it’s a motto.

Since discovering the little old lupini bean a couple of years ago, I’ve been a crazy mad fan.

So when I discovered there was such a thing as Toasted Protein Flakes made from lupin, I leapt loopily with joy.

I took a huge spoonful of the flakes and WOW.

They reminded me a little bit of roasted chickpeas or fava beans, such as those by the Happy Snack Company. These were, however, unflavoured, but perfect by themselves.

Lupins for Life Toasted Protein Flakes are crunchy, nutty, grainy, wholesome and superbly snackable. They are like miniature chips that you would easily feast on when hunger happened (or anytime!).

I was happy just making a mess eating them straight from the bag (my fur kids approved as they vacuumed up the crumbs!), but I decided to get creative.

In a bowl with with some soy milk. Chef extraordinaire, I know.


You’re not surprised. I’m not surprised. Lupins for Life aren’t surprised.

I mean, they look like baby Special K…

BUT genuinely high protein, low carb, low fat cereal doesn’t come around often. In fact, I had only seen it once before with Herman Brot Protein Muesli.

Lupins for Life was founded by Garry and Heather Drew, and is based in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. Lupins for Life use only premium Australian sweet white lupins, which are known for their better taste and higher protein level.

Interestingly, Lupins For Life have a zero waste production policy with a closed system, where the lupins make their way to the consumer or return to the soil from where they came. Nothing is wasted.

As well as lupin flakes, Lupins For Life also make lupin flour, crumb, kibble and semolina.

Lupins are 100 per cent gluten-free and are high in fibre (almost 30 per cent) and protein (43.4 per cent). They also have the lowest glycemic index of any commonly consumed seed. They are also high in the amino acid arginine, which can aid blood vessel health.

Lupins are also a prebiotic and beneficial for bowel health. There are also studies that show they can improve blood lipids, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, and are an excellent source of unsaturated fats, micronutrients and antioxidants.

In love with lupin. For life.

Find them here.

Lupins For Life – Toasted Protein Flakes (per 40g serve) – 143.4kcal // 2.5g C (incl. 2.0g sugar) / 4.7g F/ 17.2g P

Lupins for Life

Photo on Vee Fit homepage and at top of page by Lupins For Life

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