Kingland Dairy Free Greek Style Yogurt

Kingland Dairy Free Greek Style Yogurt

Kingland Dairy Free Greek Style Yogurt is soymazing stuff, seriously.

It came in five fitting flavours, and there was not one I didn’t love.

Now for me, the ever-hungry human, I embrace low-calorie deliciousness. So Kingland’s natural unsweetened yogurt was, for me, a winner. I embraced the zing; the tartness. It was refreshing and, dare I say it, delightful. It could also multi-task. It could dazzle both sweet and savoury dishes.

It breakfasted very well. I topped it to my Herman Brot muesli, but also drizzled it on berries for dessert, and added it to curries and Mexican dishes. It was a low cal sub for natural yogurt, as well as sour cream. It brought a cooling and calming vibe, and could mellow an intensely spiced supper.

KinglandThe macros were magical. Per serving, which was a decent 125g dollop, the natural unsweetened variety had only 89 calories, including a neat 6.25 grams of protein and 1.4 grams of sugar. Boom! The little symbol of the dude flexing his guns on the front was right.

My next favourite Kingland yogurt was the apple and cinnamon flavour. I’m pretty confident that this had a whole lot to do with me forever wanting to eat dessert, and well… apple pie. This was  a healthy no-bake version of the same! The apple chunks had heft and held their form.

The Kingland yogurt in mixed berries and chia was fun. Berries never bore. Plus there was chia for your omega 3 boost (and of course a dash of fibre and protein). A swirling of blueberries and strawberries satisfied and brought extra pizzazz to my breakky.

The passionfruit and chia yoghurt was also a hit.  I can only say good things, you’ll see, because it was wonderful.  A lovely punch and crunch.

KinglandKingland yogurt in mango and peach was a tropical treasure. Truly fruity, yet delicate and creamy.

The texture wasn’t too runny, but nor was it terribly thick. Not as lush as coconut yogurt, but neither as calorific. It was lower in fat, and made me feel a little less naughty (and broke!) when busting open yet another Kingland tub.

All flavours had tang – the typical acidity of Greek style yogurt – but very palatable.

Soy has never scared me (nor should it). Soy milk was the main ingredient to all Kingland’s yogurts and was from certified organic and non-GMO soybeans. There were some thickeners and stabilizers in there – all pretty normal- plus some live cultures including L. Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium to add some good bacteria to your belly.

Very versatile and definitely delectable, Kingland Dairy Free Greek Yoghurt is a sure staple for the savvy.

Find it here.

Kingland Dairy Free Greek Style Yogurt Natural Unsweetened (per 125g): 189kcal // 5g C (incl 1.4g sugar) / 4.1g F / 6.25g P
Kingland Dairy Free Greek Style Yogurt with fruit compote  (per 125g): 92kcal // 9.9g C (incl 8.3g sugar) / 3.3g F / 4.9g P



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