Kanguru – Clean Energy, Smart Energy – Energy Drink

Kanguru – Clean Energy, Smart Energy – Energy Drink

Kanguru sets out to offer clean smart energy, professing to be a ‘synergistic, multifunctional sustenance beverage filled with natural benefits’.

That sounded very promising!

Kanguru contains zero sugar, and is instead sweetened with xylitol, which is the second ingredient, as well as steviol glycosides, acesulphame potassium and sucralose. I’d heard of all of these with the exception of  acesulphame potassium .

Google to the rescue.

I soon discovered that acesulphame potassium is a calorie-free sweetener, and approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, which is rapidly absorbed and excreted by the body, unchanged.

Kanguru also contains yerba mate (leaves from a flowering tree, known for its caffeine content and having anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and cardioprotective properties), guarana (ground seeds high in caffeine with potential anticancer properties), Korean red ginseng (also known as panax ginseng and beneficial for mood, cognition and immunity), schisandra (often used to enhance performance and to reduce stress and cortisol), green tea (also containing caffeine, with many health benefits) and taurine (often used to enhance exercise performance).

Kanguru is also full of B vitamins (b3, b5, b6, b2, b1 and b12), which help the body use fuel for energy.

As for the flavour, I really enjoyed it. It reminded me a little of a less intense Passiona (passionfruit-flavoured soft drink), but mixed with grapefruit and maybe a little orange. It was reminiscent also of kombucha or cider, sweet but not too sweet, and with a pleasant bitterness.

It tasted slightly peppery and herbal, but not overly so. It was refreshing and bubbly, and the shade of a light beer.

It was very pleasant, easy to drink, with big bold flavor and a mellow aftertaste.

Kanguru contains 80mg of caffeine per serve, which was less than expected, and 1,000mg of taurine. Interestingly over 90% of the caffeine comes from what “botanicals” rather than simply being added.

Each can of Kanguru contains only 23 calories, which only adds to its appeal.

The branding was also very cool – a very smart and sophisticated look, oozing class in gold, black and white, with an iconic Aussie logo.

I felt refreshed, happy and calmly energised. I had zero jitters, crash or unpleasant side effects at all. All in all, I was very impressed!

Kanguru (per can) – 23kcal // 1.4g C (incl. 0.0g sugar) / 0.0g F/ 1.0g P

Find it here.


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