Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta – High Protein Vegan Pasta

Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta – High Protein Vegan Pasta

Herms and I go way back.

And I can prove it here and here.

A lower carb pasta is what my dreams were made of.  Until I discovered Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta.

Then my dreams came true.

And seriously, check this out – per 85 gram serve of Herman Brot pasta (dry weight), which is a decent serving, there is only 8.5 grams of carbs, and even less fat, but…

…wait for it…

39.4 grams of PROTEIN!


Low carb for (absolute) sure, and high protein, most definitely! Win, win!

Herman Brot lower carb pastaHerman Brot’s ‘protein mixture’ makes up 43 per cent of the ingredients and is derived from wheat, soy and rice proteins. You’ll also find soy flour, oat fibre, wholemeal wheat flour, dried rye sourdough, and a few other ingredients.

Herman Brot Lower Carb pasta is tinged a light brown, and just looks better for you. It’s rustic and authentic, and a little chewy, but I’ll gladly eat it anytime.

Consuming a lower carb diet almost rules out typical pasta. Tears be shed.

But the tragedy ends here.

And instead begins a feel-good tale where a rugged handsome Herman whisks us off our feet into a world of carbs-be-gone, pasta-filled passion.

Herman Brot Lower Carb pasta has a slightly earthy and grainy flavour. It is robust and very pleasant, and suits almost any sauce or accompaniment.

Herman Brot Lower Carb pastaIt held up well against bold broccoli and fresh hemp seeds; the nuttiness of roasty toasty broccoli matching perfectly with Herman Brot’s wholesome flavour.

I also tried it with a vegan spag bol (made with textured vegetable protein instead of mince) and, in addition to the whopping serving of protein, I had myself a guilt-free, sink-my-teeth-into-it, epic Italian macro-friendly meal.

Herman Brot pasta also cooks up a little faster than typical pasta, meaning less time spent cooking and more time blissfully feasting.

Herman Brot never fails to please. Their entire range blows my mind. I’m on the edge of my seat for whatever mastery they can manifest next.

Find it here.

Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta (per 85g serve): 270kcal // 8.5g C (incl 2.0g sugar) / 5.4g F / 39.4g P

Herman Brot Lower Carb pasta

Photo on Vee Fit homepage and at top of page by Herman Brot

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