HerbaLand Protein Gummies

HerbaLand Protein Gummies

I’m a sucker for lollies – sweet sugary candies, that squishy chewy texture – it makes me weak at the knees.

But you don’t need me to tell you about the nasties of too much sugar.

But HerbaLand Protein Gummies only have one gram of sugar per serve! Instead, the sweetness comes from organic fruits, VitaFiber (organic isomalto-oligosaccharides), organic erythritol and organic stevia leaf extract.

Isolmalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) is one of the main ingredients in HerbaLand Protein Gummies and is a prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics assist the growth of good bacteria in our bellies to promote health. IMO is made up of carbohydrate chains that are resistant to digestion and are therefore lower in calories than many other carb sources. It’s not as sweet as sugar, but has half as many calories, and is also low GI, full of fiber and has been shown to aid the absorption of minerals from food and reduce cholesterol.

Each bag of HerbaLand Protein Gummies contains a whopping 28 grams of fiber, for only 180 calories.

And you also get a decent serve of protein – 10 grams, owing mostly to organic yellow pea protein.

HerbaLand Protein Gummies are also fat free and gluten free, contain no GMO products and use organic ingredients. They also have an eco-friendly vibe (which we always love), focusing on using locally and sustainably-sourced, fair-trade ingredients and a “proprietary Eco-Forming technology process” to make their gummies, resulting in a cleaner product which uses less energy.

HerbaLand also donate one per cent of all product sales to the charity Easter Seals BCY, which provides programs and services to children and young adults with disabilities.

HerbaLand Protein GummiesHerbaLand Protein Gummies come in five different flavours – Fantastic Fruit, Wild Berry, Kiwi and Friends, Organic Banana and Papaya Paradise.

Kiwi and Friends smelt amazing. As soon as I ripped open the bag, an intense, fresh kiwi apple aroma escaped. But there was no apple in the ingredients. The flavour predominantly came from kiwi and berry, and was coloured with ‘natural black carrot colour’ – fascinating!

Papaya Paradise was very tropical. Think breakfast juice in taste, with an almost cakey aroma, and flavoured with papaya and kumquat.

Organic Banana was ripe and vibrant, and Wild Berry upbeat and berried, flavoured with blueberries and blue raspberries.

And if they all sounded appealing (and they all definitely were) then you could try the mixed bag – Fantastic Fruit.

The gummies were refreshing and sweet with a zesty tang. The texture was the same for all – firm, but squishable and a little grainy or pasty. You could tell they were healthier than typical gummies, but I loved them just the same (if not more).

HerbaLand’s branding is also super adorable – bright-coloured packaging with bold fruits and gummy bears, appealing to adults and children alike.

HerbaLand also have a bunch of other healthy vegan goodies, including Pure Slim; Eye Care; Vitamin C; D3 and B12; Fruit, Veg & Fiber; Energy; and, what I’m really excited about, BCAA gummies! The BCAAs come in two flavours – macchiato and summer fruits – perfect for all seasons.

All in all, HerbaLand had created a very exciting tasty product – squishable loveable yummy gummy goodness!

Find them here.

HerbaLand Protein Gummies – Fantastic Fruits (per 50g serve) – 180kcal // 36g C (incl 1g sugar) / 0g F / 10.0g P

HerbaLand Protein Gummies

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