Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Oil

Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Oil

Green and seedy were the first words that sprung to mind when I dipped my finger into the little glistening pool of goodness and tried Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Oil.

It wasn’t overpowering in intensity, and was milder than many an EVOO. It was also far more palatable than flax oil, particularly when it had a little heat in the back of the throat, but very manageable.

Straight away I could imagine this hemp oil working perfectly with some crusty bread and dukkah. Fo shiz, bro.

Hemp is marijuana’s brother from another mother.

There were so many quality lines for this stuff. I wanted to get the dirt on this dope, the goss on this grass, the word on this weed and the goods on this ganga. But it was all a bit cliché.

And no doubt Hemp Foods Australia would be seriously smiling after Australian and New Zealand federal and state food ministers decided their products were fit for human consumption in April this year. Changes, however, will not take effect until 12 November 2017.

Previously, food regulations had hemp oil under a classification that prohibited all species of cannabis from being sold as or added to food.

The concern surrounded tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”), the hallucinogenic substance found in the stuff that’s smoked behind the shed. However, Hemp Food Australia’s hemp oil is very low in THC, so there’s no fear you’ll have anything other than a very legal, healthy, feel-good high.

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds via cold-pressing, and produces an oil with approximately 56% omega-6, 22% omega-3, 9% omega-9 and other fatty acids. It also contains stearidonic acid, an infrequently found omega-3 fatty acid.

I enjoyed Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Oil. I tried it drizzled over my Herman Brot pasta with some pan fried broccoli. It added a rich earthy nuttiness, a smooth mouth-feel and when topped with Hemp Foods Australia’s Hemp Seeds, was a healthy boost to my omegas.

It’s very versatile. Treat it like an olive oil with superpowers.

Check it out here, dude.

Hemp Foods Australia Hemp Oil (per 100g): 840kcal // 0g C / 93.5g F / 0g P

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