Halo Top Dairy Free Ice Cream

Halo Top Dairy Free Ice Cream

Halo Top’s low calorie, vegan-friendly ice cream had me questioning whether I’d gone to heaven.

Or whether I was just dreaming…

Surely somehow I had got my wires crossed.

‘Low calorie’ and ‘ice cream’ weren’t words that usually went together, and especially not with ‘dairy free’.

But this was real. Right here, right now, alive and awake.

Halo Top currently have five dairy free (and also gluten free!) flavours on the market; chocolate, caramel macchiato, sea salt caramel, peanut butter cup and toasted coconut. An entire tub has between 280 and 320 calories, and I’m talking a seriously sizeable tub.

Halo Top

They are made from coconut milk, prebiotic fibre, sweeteners, pea and or rice proteins, some thickeners, flavours and a bunch of other things. And yes, protein!! Eat a whole tub (YES!) and you’ll get yourself 12 grams of plant-based protein.

Ice cream for the gains!!!

Could I love it any more!?

And no. Clearly, the answer is no.

First up was Halo Top Dairy Free Peanut Butter Cup (because me and PB are a thing). This stuff had me speechless. Literally. There was not time to talk; I was seriously busy scooping and slurping. Those little patches of stick salty sweet peanut butter bits were to die for! It had a more realistic peanut butter flavour than other PB flavoured ice creams I had tried in the past, which had me very, very happy.

Halo Top Dairy Free Toasted Coconut was nice and melty, with little golden coconut pieces. It had a light caramel sweetness, and not overdone, and had a toasty biscuit aroma. The flavour reminded me of a freshly baked crumble or other delicious baked goods.

Halo TopDairy Free Sea Salt Caramel had a mild orange taste; sweet with bursts of saltiness. It tasted a little like jersey caramels (which I recall from my pre-vegan days), and I found myself enjoying it more and more with each mouthful.

Chocolate-flavoured ice cream was never really my go-to flavour, despite being a mad chocoholic, however, Halo Top’s Dairy Free Chocolate had me questioning my choices. It was reminiscent of chocolate mousse, neither too bitter or too sweet, and very very more-ish.

Dairy Free Caramel Macchiato was like an overly elaborate Starbucks order, somehow with most of the calories sucked out of it, and then frozen into a creamy bliss.

Being a low calorie ice cream I was initially worried about what the texture and sweetness might be like. I’d expected a more solid icy texture, with maybe an unpleasant aftertaste, but gratefully I got none of t

hat. Halo Top exceeded my  expectations.

The texture is ever so slightly powdery, but still very smooth, luscious and pleasant. It was light, soft and spoonable, and not at all icy. I was very impressed.

It truly did deserve a halo. It had been beamed down upon us in a majestic golden ray of light. Halo Top Dairy Free is truly a blessing. A delicious, guilt-free, ice creamy blessing.

Find it here.

Halo Top Dairy Free Peanut Butte (Per 67g serving): 80kcal // 15.0g C (incl .0g sugar) / 4.0g F / 3.0g P

Halo Top


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