Formulated For You Rice Protein & Pea Protein

Formulated For You Rice Protein & Pea Protein

Formulated For You is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, and offers meal replacements, pure proteins and smoothie boosters.

They use clean and simple packaging, just like their web site – which is fresh and clear.

Formulated For You Rice Protein and Pea Protein are organic, pure and vegan. They are unflavoured and unsweetened, as well as dairy, gluten, soy and GMO free. Their web site rightly suggests combining the proteins for a ‘complete protein source and amino acid profile’.

The pea protein comes from golden Canadian peas and the rice protein comes from soaked, sprouted and activated brown rice.

Formulated For You
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Both the organic brown rice protein and organic pea protein powders are 82.5 per cent protein, and are low carb and fat.

Both protein powders are great added to your morning smoothie or porridge, or partly replaced with other flours in baking. Pea protein can also be used to thicken flavoured sauces in pastas and gravies.

I decided to get creative and look for an excuse to eat peanut butter out of the jar, so decided to make some PB Protein Balls. I mixed together peanut butter, oats, maca powder, sucralose, a touch of water, Himalayan salt and, of course, equal portions of Formulated For You Rice Protein and Pea Protein. I then rolled the balls in desiccated coconut and made myself a perfect pre-workout (and anytime!) snack.

Formulated for You make their entire range of products in a gluten free facility and is therefore suitable for coeliacs of people with gluten intolerance.

Formulated For You point out their difference comes from using ‘carefully selected wholesome, nutritious and functional ingredients […] instead of “fillers”.

By itself, the pea protein does not have a delightful aroma. It’s a light yellowy beige in colour, and has a smooth, somewhat ‘mushy’ texture. The flavour reminds me a little of musty unsweetened porridge and is quite savoury in flavour. The rice protein has less of a scent than the pea protein. It has a drier and coarser texture, but is very fine and not gritty. The flavour is more pleasant than the pea protein, but both definitely need to be added to other foods or flavours before consumption.

Unfortunately their meal replacements aren’t vegan-friendly, at least not yet! But I remain hopeful.

Find it here.

Formulated For You

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