FitEx Atom High Energy Vegan Protein Bars

FitEx Atom High Energy Vegan Protein Bars

I was pretty excited to discover FitEx Atom protein bars. It’s slim pickings for vegan protein bars, and by ‘protein’ bars I mean bars that seriously contain protein – a serving to get excited about; and not just a bar with a few nuts or grains and a half dozen grams of protein. Theses FitEx bars have more than 20 gees of protein in a neat little badass brick of awesomeness.

Even the wrapper looked epic. These bad boys are hefty; a solid ‘means-business’ bar of pea and rice protein, natural sweeteners and a handful of seeds and “super foods”.

I first tried the Peanut Butter flavour. Because, peanut butter. Obvs.

The taste of peanut butter is present fo sho, but not overwhelming. It’s not too sweet, and has a nice hint of sea salt. It was definitely more-ish, the intensity of flavour growing with each mouthful, warming and tingling my mouth towards the end. It tastes healthy, but not too healthy, which is the perfect balance. It is dense and requires a bit of chew, but is very satisfying. The texture is quite smooth, so you won’t be picking nuts or seeds out of your teeth in the gym mirror.

I next tried the Triple Chocolate flavour. It’s super fruity. Rich cacao and red berries, reminding me of a floral, chocolatey, well-brewed long black. I initially rated this secondary to the Peanut Butter flavour, but then found myself in doubt. It grew on me, as did the flavour of the first. The occasional crunch was welcome, cacao nibs and co, surrounded again with a dense deliciousness of pea and rice protein and the other usual goodies. It was a teeny bit powdery, but it didn’t bother me – this is a protein bar after all, and without the lingering meaty smell of whey bars.

The Almond Crunch flavour was, as expected, also very decent. Unexpectedly, however, was the lack of crunch. ‘Almond Rather Smooth’ vs ‘Almond Crunch’. I’d pick the latter too. Nonetheless, this protein bar was mildly almond flavoured, and quite similar to Peanut Butter bar.

Free from gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and animal-products, the FitEx Bar was the creation of a fitness fanatic with a problem. Mark Harding, owner of FitEx, suffered asthma from an early age, and after discovering various dietary triggers realised there was a hole in the market – a protein supplement free from the ingredients that his body couldn’t handle.

The list of ingredients in FitEx Atom Bars is short and simple. Sweetened mostly by brown rice and maple syrups, the most unusual (and yet totally not unusual) ingredients are xanthum gum and inulin.

So, honestly, my carbs are on a tight budget at the moment, so for me, personally, they were a wee bit tricky to fit into my diet. And trying to just eat half a bar and leave the other half in my desk drawer, took some serious restraint. But I’ve heard on the ol’ grapevine that FitEx have a low carb vegan protein bar, as well some vegan protein powders, in the works right this very second. Super excited.

FitEx Atom Peanut Butter High Energy Protein Bar: 389kcal // 32.7g C (incl 23.3g sugar) / 17.6g F / 22.4g P
FitEx Atom Peanut Butter High Energy Protein Bar: 372kcal // 35.5g C (incl 24.7g sugar) / 15.4g F / 20g P
FitEx Atom Almond Crunch High Energy Protein Bar: 395.1kcal // 31.68g C (incl 21.33g sugar) / 18.72g F / 22.41g P

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