ErgoGenix ErgoPRE – Pre-workout

ErgoGenix ErgoPRE – Pre-workout

I was pumped to try ErgoGenix ErgoPRE, after having tried their BCAAs.

Their BCAAs were brilliant, but the pre-workout was even better.

This time I had ‘glacier’ flavour.

Never had I been more keen to eat, or rather, smash down a glacier.

I was prepared for iciness, cooling sensations and maybe a hint of the Arctic and snow-capped mountains.

The flavour topped all of the pre-workouts I had tried to date. Juicy berries, fruit tingles and refreshing quenching deliciousness.

The delicate crystals dissolved with ease, as intensely blue swirls spread, until the blue was all-encompassing. It was as blue as glacial ice, it too perhaps absorbing all the red parts of white light and transmitting and scattering blue light like glaciers themselves.

Each scoop contained a mountain-load of goodies. As for vitamins, there was B6 (20mg) and B12 (60mcg), and as for minerals there was calcium (43mg), zinc (10mg) and sodium (51mg).

Also in the ingredients was was l-citrulline malate (6,000mg), citrulline being a non-essential amino acid that is turned into arginine in the kidneys after consumption. It increases the production of nitric oxide in the body, which can improve blood flow. Citrulline can also reduce fatigue and improve endurance.

There’s also choline bitartrate (1,000mg). Choline is said to enhance cognition and promote liver health. It can increase acetylcholine activity in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter that deals with learning, memory and muscle contractions.

ErgoGenix ERgoPRE also contains l-tyrosine (1,000mg). Tyrosine is also an amino acid and produces hormones including adrenaline and dopamine. However, simply adding tyrosine to your diet does not necessarily increase noradrenaline and dopamine production.

Noradrenaline helps the body perform well in stressful situations; it increases heart rate, widens air passages in the lungs and increases blood pressure. In stressful situations, noradrenaline becomes depleted, so supplementing with tyrosine may help top up this hormone. And we all know training can be very stressful on the body.

Also on the list of ingredients is alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline (“Alpha-GSC”) (300mg). Alpha-GSC has been shown to enhance cognition in rodents and may reduce the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly. It also has the ability to promote the production of growth hormones and increase power output, but more studies are needed.

ErgoGenix ErgoPRE also contains some of the more common ingredients, including l-glutamine (500mg) for muscle repair, immunity and digestive health; beta alanine (2,000mg) to boost carnosine and to act as a muscle acid buffer, and of course caffeine, in the form of caffeine anhydrous (300mg) (ie. dehydrated caffeine) to promote alertness, endurance and motivation.

It also, interestingly, contains black pepper fruit extract (5g), which is used to enhance absorption of other ingredients. You’ve probably heard people recommend consuming turmeric alongside black pepper. Why? Because it aids absorption of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory ingredient, curcumin.

ErgoGenix ErgoPRE made me feel incredibly focused and alert. There was no jitters or nausea. I felt mentally prepared to handle a big training session, and physically able to hang in there, quite easily, until the very last rep.

Big big fan. And available in three flavours – apple berry, pineapple mango and, of course, glacier.

Find out more about ErgoGenix here.

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