Elite Ops Energy Strips

Elite Ops Energy Strips

Elite Ops Energy Strips – minty freshness with attitude.

The idea of taking my pre-wo in the form of a strip was just way too cool to pass up.

No messy powders, no delving deep for lost scoops and no covering your kitchen with a deep shade of crimson-coloured liquid when the shaker lid isn’t tightened properly…

And I felt totally bad ass. Maybe it had something also to do with the name. Elite Ops. In FIERCE Arctic Mint.

Fierce, you see?

And I felt fierce. I was on a mission, this was serious stuff.

Elite Ops energy strips simply dissolve on your tongue (or the roof of your mouth) within a few minutes, and provide 100mg of caffeine, as well as vitamins B6, B12 and E.

They also have zero calories! And because they contain no liquid, there’s no chance of your pre-wo sloshing around your belly mid-session. Plus you’re likely to need less loo breaks!

Elite Ops energy strips are pocket-sized and fast-acting. They are the creation of military veterans, are super convenient and no fuss, and are wrapped in air and water tight foil packaging. Perfect to pack for any adventure.

Simone Collins, vegan figure competitor (and downright awesome gal), is a huge fan. After getting hold of some samples, she came away from her gym sesh with two PBs. “One of the most effective pre-workouts I’ve tried” Simone said, “with no itch, jitters or crash”.

Apart from caffeine and vitamins, the strips also contain ingredients to help blend, bind and bulk the strips, including glycerin (a plant-based emulsifier), pullulan (a polysaccharide produced from starch by fermentation), hypromellose (essentially a vego version of gelatin, derived from cellulose in plant fibres), castor oil (from the castor oil plant) and white flavour oil (a food grade mineral oil). They also contain spearmint oil and menthol to provide that fierce arctic mint flavour, with a touch of sweetness and balance thanks to sucralose and natural flavours (of essential oils, essences of extract). There’s also a little water in there, along with some vegan-friendly blue colouring.

They’re perfect for when you’re on the run, about to hit the gym or step into an important meeting or lecture. They’re also simple enough to pop in your mouth in the middle of whatever you’re doing for that added energy hit. Being sublingual, they’re able to be absorbed into your bloodstream via membranes under your tongue, bypassing the digestive tract, saving time and potential GI upset.

A very cool and innovative product. They not only make you feel good, they also make you smell good. They have a decent dose of caffeine; not a jitter-inducing amount but enough to make you feel upbeat, and are so simple to have on hand when the need arises.

Find them here.

Elite Ops Energy Strips

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