Eden Health Foods Energy Shot Natural Organic Pre-workout

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot Natural Organic Pre-workout

As soon as I heard about Eden Health Foods Energy Shot I was excited. Although I am a fan of regular vegan pre-workouts, the idea of having a truly clean and natural pre-workout filled me with positive vibes and curiosity.

It came in a little red tin; neat, cute and promising a ‘Sustained. Energy. Boost’.

I soon discovered it claimed itself to be Australia’s only entirely natural pre-workout. Wow, seriously. Impressive stuff.

It had a mega list of ingredients.

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot was a health drink more so than your typical pre-workout. It gave a “sustained” energy. You could ditch your morning cuppa and add this to your breakfast smoothie for a kick-ass day.

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and has no added caffeine.

Eden Health Foods broke the ingredients down into five different ‘energy blends’ – nutritional, stimulating, power, circulatory and flavour.

I wanted to know what gave the energy and alertness. The main stimulating ingredients in Eden Health Foods Energy Shot include guarana seed, yerba mate leaf, green tea leaf (Sencha and matcha) and kola nut.

I soon discovered that guarana contains more caffeine than coffee beans. Guarana is actually a fruit tree, but it is the seeds of that fruit that interests most people. The seeds are ground into a powder and is used in traditional Amazonian medicine and for its stimulant properties. Studies have shown improvements in memory performance, reaction time, and its anti-depressant and anti-allergic effects.

Yerba mate is another tree (plant power!), the leaves of which were traditionally brewed into tea in South America and the Middle East. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, protects the heart and cardiovascular system, and may increase fat oxidation.

Green tea leaves have a huge number of proven benefits. It has minor fat burning abilities and can increase fat oxidation, blood flow, cognition, skin quality, oxygen uptake, and may decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and muscle soreness. Bioavailability of green tea catechins (a type of anti-oxidant found in green tea) is increased by adding quercetin (which is found particularly in onions, grapes and gingko biloba, the latter also an important ingredient in Eden Health Foods Energy Shot ).

Kola nut is used predominantly as a flavouring ingredient, and contains caffeine and theobromine. It is thought to aid digestion, increase circulation, boost metabolism, and increase energy levels (most of which result from its caffeine content) and have antibacterial properties.

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot contains four types of ginseng (Siberian ginseng root, Brazilian ginseng, Korean ginseng and Tienchi ginseng), which are all part of the ‘power energy blend’. Eden Health Foods claim this blend to be for ‘power, strength, concentration and adrenal support’.

Siberian ginseng can improve physical performance and reduce fatigue during periods of high intensity exercise and may be protective to the brain. Brazilian ginseng may assist general health and energy, and may in fact be an aphrodisiac. It may also enhance muscle fibre growth. Korean ginseng is beneficial for mood, cognition and immunity. It can reduce fatigue, increase blood flow, improve erectile dysfunction, and improve wellbeing. Tienchi ginseng may increase endurance and energy and oxygen levels.

There’s a bunch of other herbs and superfoods in the mix, including gingko biloba leaf (which enhances blood flow for cognitive function), hawthorn berry (for heart health), Peruvian yellow maca and maca juice powder (maca being a vegetable from the broccoli family, which can be used for prostate health, protecting the brain, bone health and cognition), damiana leaf (a potential aphrodisiac with anti-anxiety properties), licorice root (for assisting digestion, as well as being anti-inflammatory and providing immune system support), and goji berry (for its anti-oxidant, neuro-protective and immunity boosting abilities).

You’ll also find monk fruit, natural brambleberry and stevia in Eden Health Foods Energy Shot, whch are all used to sweeten it.

It was browny green and almost khaki in colour. It had a very sweet herbal aroma. It was grainy in appearance with white, light green, and dark flecks. As for the flavor, it was sweet and peppery. It made me think of exotic dried fruits mixed with the bitterness of over brewed green tea.

The texture was quite gritty, and left a residue in the bottom of my shaker. The aftertaste was still quite peppery, and reminiscent of herbal berry-filled medicine.

I tried it with water initially, but my advice would be to mix it into something like a banana smoothie or a tropical juice, which would mask a little of the spiciness and texture. Eden Health Foods suggest mixing with water, juice or in a smoothie, or for best results, adding to a cup of boiling water and let steep. Four tablespoons (20 grams) is recommended for peak performance or 40 grams or more for Olympic workouts.

As per the cheeky red tin, I only used the standard serving of one tablespoon. I felt refreshed and definitely like I was doing the right thing for my insides. I am keen to up the dose and try it steeped for a super clean, nutritional energizing shot.

Eden Health Foods aims to set itself apart from other typical pre-workouts. Energy Shot offers nutritional, anti-oxidant, and stimulating benefits, promising no crash, jolts, jitters or shock.

Eden Health Foods have a really exciting range of vegan-friendly products, including High Octane Body Building Energy Herbs, Power Protein, Maca Explode, Ultimate Protein (Organic Sprouted and Bio-fermented Wholegrain Rice Protein), Superfood formulas and powders, and much more.

They are Australian owned and operated and are passionate about using only the highest quality certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

A very very promising product.

Find it here.

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot (per 5g serving size): 13.22kcal // 1.72g C (incl 0.61g sugar) / <0.05g F / 0.5g P

Eden Health Foods Energy Shot

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