Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt isn’t a fad or novelty.

Everything about it oozes heart and soul, honesty, passion, determination and all of those other inspiring qualities.

And the best thing – it is so darn delicious.

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt came from the mind of a man who spent his youth in paradise. Henry Gosling was born and raised in Fiji, where coconuts were a part of everyday life. As the eldest of six children, Henry’s job as a young boy was to scrape coconuts, preparing their milk and flesh for his family’s meals.

But it wasn’t until many years later, again living in a tropical oasis, but this time on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, that Henry came up with his remarkable idea.

Coconut yoghurt.

Real coconut yoghurt, with probiotics and all.

Henry and his wife Sandra, who had then been enjoying their semi-retired life, were excited and nervous to embark on this adventure.

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt took six months of intense daily testing to perfect.

Henry and Sandra were passionate about creating a pure and decadent yoghurt free from various allergens and vibrantly healthy. Sandra, a naturopath, was herself allergic to gluten and intolerant to dairy, and knew all too well the benefits of fermented foods and probiotics for gut health.

But it was until 2010 that Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt was launched commercially.

Made from hand-harvested, fresh, mature, organic coconuts, genuine fruits and elegant spices, Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt soon gained popularity, proving that dairy-free alternatives were definitely the way forward.

Using sustainable practices and materials, Coyo kept things sincere and simple.

The pre and probiotics used by Coyo are all vegan, and aid in introducing and feeding good bacteria for optimal gut health.

The yoghurts contain no added sweeteners, preservatives or refined sugars, and come in six, cross-my-heart, mouth-watering flavours.

Choosing a favourite flavour was like choosing my favourite fur child. Impossible.

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut YoghurtChocolate was, no surprises, the first flavour I went for. It was incredibly rich and creamy. I dolloped spoonfuls atop my pancakes, smothered with berries and Tender Loving Cacao’s melted raw chocolate.

Banana Chia and Cardamom had a restrained sprinkling of chia seeds through a beautifully whipped creamy consistency. It was sweet with a little tang, the mild flavour of ripe banana distinct but not dominating. It was delicately spiced, again taking a restrained approach for a superb balance of flavours.

Both Tropical Calypso and Plum and Guava were divine atop chia pudding, adorned with coconut flakes and toasted buckwheat. They were both so fresh and fruity, and incredibly luxurious. Coyo’s Tropical Calypso was a vacation in a cup – a getaway to the tropics, where mango, passionfruit, paw paw and pineapple were aplenty. The passionfruit shone through, the occasional crunch returning Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurtme from my beach-side bungalow.

The Plum & Guava was pinkish and peppy. The plum gave it some oomph and the guava brought it to life.

Vanilla Bean was, as expected, made from genuine vanilla beans, bringing sweetness and spirit. Again, as light as a feather and a truly enchanting experience. Natural flavour was coconut bliss – containing 97 % organic coconut milk, with only two other ingredients – organic tapioca and live vegan cultures.

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt had a mouthfeel that rivalled all yoghurts. Full-bodied and exquisite. Coyo, again, have me aghast, captivated by coconut and all its appeal.

Find it here.

Coyo Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yoghurt – Natural Flavour (per 100g): 220kcal // 6.8g C (incl 1.9g sugar) / 21.1g F / 1.3g P

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