Coyo Dairy Free Certified Organic Coconut Ice Cream

Coyo Dairy Free Certified Organic Coconut Ice Cream

Coyo has been around since 2010, and I am only now truly discovering it.


Life got nine times better when nine little tubs of blissful Coyo Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream became acquainted with my freezer.

These little pots of pleasure even looked irresistibly cute. Pure and refreshing, like an escape to a pristine tropical oasis.

I first went for the Sea Salted Caramel. If there’s peanut butter or salted caramel involved, I’m there, so naturally this flavour was at the top of my to do list. And it did not disappoint. It was instantly salty, with a whole lot of whoa! The saltiness mellowed into an incredibly smooth, almost oily creaminess of buttery caramel syrupy fudge flavours. It was a moment of reflection. And a moment to embrace.

CoyoThe Coco Latte Coyo ice cream was equally epic. It was sweet and rich, like a strong espresso, with subtle chocolatey caramel undertones. Like the previous ice cream, it was silky smooth, and hands down delicious.

Next to try were the Chocolate and Black Forest flavours. Both were clearly cacao, and decadent in flavour. The initial taste of dark chocolate mellowed, allowing each mouthful of the Black Forest to finish with a ripe yet mild cherry flavour.

Strawberry and Wild Hibiscus brought me back to my childhood – eating strawberry yoghurt buds from paper bags purchased with pocket money from the school canteen. I could taste strawberries and cream, and hints of white chocolate. And maybe the hibiscus, but I wasn’t sure. I could feel the delicate pieces of hibiscus flower in my mouth with each scoop.

The Blood Orange and Mango Coyo ice cream brought instant citrus. Orange grapefruit acidity and tang followed by a creamy sweetness of mango. A perfect balance of flavour.

Continuing the fruity theme, I next tried Banana and Roasted Wattleseed. The genuine flavour of banana was almost shocking – like a surprise birthday party that you were hoping would happen but hadn’t expected. People become so accustomed to the artificial banana flavour in products, that when the taste of real bananas comes along it smacks them in the gob. And Coyo’s Banana and Roasted Wattleseed did this, politely and with utter style. The perfect banana cake never got made in Coyo’s kitchen; those soft and speckled organic ‘nanas were used for this candid and clever creation instead.

Coyo’s Vanilla Bean and Nutmeg was Christmas in a cup.  It had oodles of nutmeg and vanilla, was ideally intense and sublimely spiced. It was melt-in-the-mouth merriment, speckled and scrumptious.

I ended my Coyo Ice Cream experience with the classic – Natural. Sweet, lush, incredibly creamy, and everything that made Coyo Coyo.

Coyo’s certified organic coconut ice creams are dairy, gluten, refined sugar, soy, nut and preservative free. They are divine, delectable and beautiful in every sense.

Find them here.

Coyo Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream – Natural Flavour (per 100g): 181kcal // 16.3g C (incl 10.7g sugar) / 13.3g F / 0.8g P


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