Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola

Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola

Just the very thought of Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola had me, without intention, quietly saying ‘mmmmmmm’ to myself. I was smiling and my mind was drifting as I lusted for luscious lupin.

Granola is a superb invention. Crunchy nutty roasted sprinkles that you usually add on top of something that already tastes awesome. Only to make it even better!

Again I started to drift, daydreaming of the glories of granola.

A “legendary legume” the pack said. I loved it! And totally agreed.

I first tried Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola in Cacao Hazelnut and Chia. It had a roasty toasty Anzac biscuity aroma, with a hint of chocolatey goodness. In other words, it smelt heavenly.

I first noticed the toasted flakes of coconut and then sunflower and pumpkin seeds. They were all crisp and toasted. There were little clusters of, I’m guessing, the lupin, plus big roasted creamy hazelnuts, providing a Ferrero Rocher-esque flavour. It wasn’t too sweet, which suited it well and had a mild cacao taste. I had forgotten all about the chia and wasn’t too sure I could even see it. I did, however, then notice the buckwheat.

Coastal CunchI next tried Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola in Toasted Almond, Coconut and Cinnamon. It still had that delicious nutty aroma, but was less sweet than the first I had tried. I noticed whole toasted almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, buckwheat and golden-brown and yellow speckles. Again, it was delicious, but a dash more cinnamon wouldn’t go astray. It looked warm and welcoming and lighter in colour than Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola in Cacao Hazelnut and Chia.

Last, but in no way least, I tried Coastal Crunch in Matcha and Macadamia. This one intrigued me and I enjoyed its creativity and tinge of greenery. It had an almost Christmas spice aroma, perhaps cloves? The mega mac nuts were welcomed. I spotted the usual ingredients but also a few rice puffs. I could taste the matcha – it was very pleasant. It gave a savoury, refreshing and healthy flavour, but was mild and not overpowering. Coastal Crunch suggested this variety invoked “the taste of chai tea and moon cake”.

Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola is sweetened with a little coconut sugar (no refined sugar in sight!), and is a great source of fibre, healthy fats and protein. Along with the other ingredients mentioned above, you will also find linseeds, cacao nibs, millet, sesame seeds and more! All wholefood ingredients.

Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola is perfect for all smoothie bowls, atop ice-cream, over berries, sprinkled on porridge, protein mousse or even custard. It make average things awesome and awesome things epic. Created by Tim Corrick,  a Western Australian chef, with a mission to create ‘healthy eats for a healthy planet’.

Find it here.

Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola – Cacao, Hazelnut & Chia (per 45g serving): 124kcal // 10.7g P / 9.4g C (incl 4.0g sugar) / 13.8g F
Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola – Toasted Almond, Coconut & Cinnamon (per 45g serving): 116kcal // 10.0 P / 9.3g C (incl 4.3g sugar) / 12.9g F
Coastal Crunch Lupin Granola – Matcha & Macadamia (per 45g serving): 129kcal // 10.7g P / 9.4g C (incl 4.4g sugar) / 14.3g F

Coastal Crunch

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