Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein & Soy Protein Isolate

Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein & Soy Protein Isolate

Bulk Nutrients is a very trusty name in Australia. They have a bunch of vegan products, keep things simple and are very decently priced.

Bulk Nutrients came into existence when Ben, an English teacher living in Japan back in 2004, was struggling to find suitable supplements. He was bringing his own products from America. These products were much cheaper than in Japan.

The question was why.

America had a lot of competition in the supplements industry and had streamlined a lot of its systems. Ben felt Australia could learn from this. Ben wanted to remove the middlemen and product quality proteins and supplements in Australia and ship products directly from the factory.

Bulk Nutrients is based in Tasmania and processes 75 tonnes of stock each month. It is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated, sourcing many of its ingredients locally too.

Our fave vegan protein that Bulk Nutrients has to offer is its Earth Protein. The main reason we love it, is because it is a blend of organic brown rice and organic Canadian yellow pea protein allowing for a better amino acid profile than just pea or rice alone.

Being vegan, it’s also lactose free. Plus it’s gluten free, non GMO, soy free and made from all natural flavours and sweeteners.

Bulk Nutrients are happy to declare that ‘Earth Protein is as good for you as it is the planet.’ In full disclosure, they still sell non-vegan products such as whey, but we love the fact they’re acknowledging the benefits of vegan proteins and giving us an awesome bunch of products to purchase.

Earth Protein averages 81 per cent protein, with a balanced range of 18 amino acids. It is high in branchjed chain amino acids (“BCAAs”) and essential amino acids (“EAAs”).

They are currently stocking three standard flavours; vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel. They have recently introduced a limited edition Vanilla Latte flavour, which we are yet (but desperate) to try.

The first flavour we tried was Salted Caramel. It had a jersey caramel aroma when dry, but when added to water had a somewhat soy milky vanilla-ry custard smell. It had a very thick and luscious non-grainy texture and tasted quite pleasant, albeit a very mild and almost marzipan flavour.

The Vanilla Earth was a bit lighter and milder in flavour than the Salted Caramel. It had the same mouthfeel, and was still quite thick in texture. It wasn’t bitter, but nor was it much at all.

The Chocolate Earth smelt a little rubbery when dry, but fortunately tasted better. It had a berry cacao flavour, and a chocolate milk aroma when added to water. Again the texture was thick.

I’ve baked brownies and cookies with it, added it to porridge, made into a mousse and pancakes. It held up well each time. The blend of pea and rice is also great for baking, as pea alone can be a little mushy, and rice alone can be a little chalky.

Bulk Nutrients also offer isolated proteins, of pea, rice and soy. We also had some soy samples we were keen to try.

Their Natural Soy Protein Isolate is also GMO free, and contains no cholesterol, saturated fats or sugar. Their soy protein is approximately 88 per cent protein. It is, in fact, higher in leucine (at 7,800mg per 100g) than the Earth (the protein, not the planet).

The soys surprised. Both flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate – were very easy to drink. Bulk Nutrients Vanilla soy protein isolate was my favourite of all their proteins. It had a very fresh and appetising aroma, and was similar in taste. It was a little bitsy, but it didn’t bother me. It wasn’t too sweet, nor was it bitter.

The Chocolate soy had an incredibly rich chocolatey colour, but was less rich in flavour. Again, it wasn’t too sweet, but had a touch more bitterness than the Vanilla. It reminded me of the leftover milk from cocoa pops.

Decent, no frills vegan proteins – courtesy of Bulk Nutrients.

Find them here.

Bulk Nutrients Earth – Salted Caramel (per 100g): 358kcal // 4.3g C (incl 0g sugar) / 3.6g F / 83.5g P
Bulk Nutrients Soy – Vanilla (per 100g): 361kcal // 1.4g C (incl 0g sugar) / 4.7g F / 92.8g P

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