Bulk Nutrients Cognitone – Mental Focus Supplement

Bulk Nutrients Cognitone – Mental Focus Supplement

Bulk Nutrients Cognitone. When you need that mental edge.

My first impression was sherbet pineapple. My friend took a whiff of the fine powder – ‘to be specific, Zombie Chews’ she said.

It definitely smelt delightful. Sweet lollies and juicy tropics.

When I added it to water a shade of yellow began to appear. Ahah I knew it! It had to be pineapple, surely.

But I had no idea from the packet what flavour I was genuinely going to experience.

As for the taste, it was sweet but not sickly. It had no astringent flavour or unpleasant mouthfeel or sensations.

Bulk Nutrients Cognitone contains 17 ingredients, 13 of which Bulk Nutrients says are to “work in synergy to give maximum performance” to create a product that “can be used to power through difficult mental tasks, whether purely cognitive or when tasks are both physically and mentally taxing”.

Each serve contains 180mg of caffeine, as well as 1,290mg of creatine monohydrate (which is the first ingredient listed).

Next up are acetyl tyrosine and n acetyl cysteine. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that when supplemented may be able to assist cognition and working memory during acute stressors, including exercise. N acetyl cysteine increase the production of gluthaione, which offers antioxidant benefits.  It also appears to help with mental health, including addictions and obsessive disorders.

Cognitone also contains CDP-choline which has been used to treat and prevent memory problems. It may also enhance memory, increase attention as well as prevent addiction.

You will also find Acetyl carnitine (which is said to reduce neurological side effects of aging and improve alertness), bacopa monnieri (which is a herb also known as water hissop that can reduce anxiety and improve memory formation), l theanine (which can promote relaxation without sedation, cognition and attention) 5-HTP (which can increase the levels of serotonin (the happy hormone in the brain), vitamin b6 (which metabolizes proteins, fats and carbohydrates and helps the production of some neurotransmitters) and inositol (which can reduce anxiety and panic) and vitamin b12 (which is essential for healthy blood function and neurological function).

I felt genuinely switched on and alert after taking Bulk Nutrients Cognitone. I was energised yet calm and cool as a cucumber. I took it as a pre workout and had an awesome session shortly after (in fact I smashed out multiple PBs).

Since reviewing the ingredients in Cognitone, I feel even better about it. The ingredients impressed and research showed some impressive benefits, particular to mental health and cognition. I note that Bulk Nutrients recommends people taking SSRIs or other antidepressant should seek medical advice before taking Cognitone due to the presence of 5-HTP.

I can’t fault this product and am very keen to get hold of a big tub and take it regularly before serious gym sessions and mentally stressful situations.

Find it here.

Bulk Nutrients Cognitone (per 5g serve): 5.26kcal // 0.0g C (incl 0.0g sugar) / 0.0g F / 1.3g P

Bulk Nutrients Cognitone


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