BSKT Wholefoods Vegan Superfood, Protein & Chocolate Bars

BSKT Wholefoods Vegan Superfood, Protein & Chocolate Bars

It seems I lack adjectives for ‘yum’.

I peruse my tasting notes and see a plethora of ‘yums’. Some in capitals, some not. Some underlined and some seemingly shouted. But yum means yum, and BSKT Superfood Maqui Ripe bar definitely was.

Maqui Ripe was the first of the BSKT Wholefoods vegan superfood, protein and chocolate bars I tried.

It was dark and rich, swirling of reds, browns and purples. It tasted of ripe red fruits; cherries, Christmas and cranberries. Christmas was not an ingredient listed, but cranberries, sultanas, organic coconut chips, sunflowers seeds, flaxmeal and almonds were, along with eleven other very recognisable ingredients.

It contained only 2 % organic maqui berry powder, a fruit from the Patagonian region of Chile and savoured for its very high levels of antioxidants.

I enjoyed the texture – in fact my notes described it as ‘lovely’ and really something to ‘sink your teeth into’.

My teeth had sunk and taste buds tantalised. My fave of the BSKT Superfood Bar range.

Next I tried BSKT Superfood Bar in Maca Espresso. Straight up I noticed a winey-ness. Not a woe-is-me whininess but a chateau-ala-something-vintage-of-grapes winey-ness. In aroma and flavour.

And then a little espresso and a faintly musty dustiness (maybe it was corked, or rather, coconutted).

It was soft in density and multicultural in texture, but simultaneously smooth. It was dark and moody, with subtle sweetness. I preferred this flavour over some of the others, but wouldn’t have minded more coffee. As it was, it was only 2 % coffee and 1 % maca.

BSKT Superfood Bar in Cacao Ginger Nut was super gingery and spot on-ly so. Sweet but not cringe-worthily. Soft, moreish and moist. It tasted healing and bacteria busting, and had me salivating. It came with cacao hailing from South American, cocoa from West Africa and ginger from Australia.

Next onto the Protein Bars. BSKT Cacao Peanut Butter protein bar smelt incredibly sweet and reminded me of walking into a self-serve health food store. I envisioned rows of dried apples, apricots and raw nuts before me. It was dark brown, bitsy and rather dense. It had a bitter sweetness, and tasted better as time progressed.

I was shocked to see it contained 27 % peanuts, as I honesty struggled to taste them. I felt them more than they flavoured. Ahead of the peanuts in the ingredients were BSKT Natural Protein Blend, a combination of pepitas and organic fermented golden pea protein. The organic cacao constituted 5 %. The bar contained 10.3 grams of protein, with 14.8 grams of carbs and 12 grams of fat, making for a very reasonable pre-workout snack.

BSKT Vegan Protein Bar in Goji Coconut had the dustiness of coconut and was a little acidic. It had ample chew and was teeming with textures. Light golden brown in colour and medium in density, the bar was speckled with fruit and nut, and tasted of dried stone fruits and mildly of grains.

BSKT Vegan Chocolate Bar in Coconut Chip had a rich aroma of dark chocolate and Easter. I noticed little specks of coconut set amongst the firm decadent block. The texture was smooth, the bar luscious and long-lasting, and without any bitterness. It contained 63% raw cocoa with Thai coconut chips.

The Dark Cacao chocolate bar was hard (that’s what she said) and brittle , and had that familiar raw chocolate flavor.

But it was not as intense in rawness as other chocolates I’ve tried, and for that I was grateful. It tasted a smidge less healthy, a true chocolate compliment. It wasn’t overly sweet but nor was it bitter.

It lasted forever, until it ended, which made for an infinitely long-lasting treat until it was over.

BSKT Vegan Chocolate Bar in Maca Espresso was the perfect combo; rich chocolate combined with BSKT’s own ground organic coffee beans. A delight to eat.

All of BSKT Wholefoods’ superfood, protein and chocolate bars are vegan and paleo-friendly, free from refined sugar and artificial ingredients, and made lovingly on Australia’s Gold Coast.

After having mispronounced BSKT as ‘basket’ for far too long, I soon discovered it was in fact pronounced ‘biscuit’. The name was inspired by early Egyptians and Romans who used biscuits as their form of sustenance and health on long journeys.

Find BSKT’s goodies here.


BSKT Vegan Superfood Bar – Maca Espresso (per 45g serve) – 209kcal // 20.9g C (incl 15.6g sugar) / 11.7g F / 5.2g P

BSKT Vegan Superfood Bar – Maqui Ripe (per 45g serve) – 228kcal // 21.1g C (incl 13.8g sugar) / 14.1g F / 4.6g P

BSKT Vegan Superfood Bar – Cacao Ginger Nut (per 45g serve) – 203kcal // 23.2g C (incl 15.9g sugar) / 9.9g F / 5.2g P

BSKT Vegan Protein Bar – Cacao Peanut Butter (per 45g serve) – 214kcal // 14.8g C (incl 7.6g sugar) / 12g F / 10.3g P

BSKT Vegan Protein Bar – Goji Coconut (per 45g serve) – 217kcal // 12.6g C (incl 6.2g sugar) / 13.6g F / 10.9g P

BSKT Vegan Chocolate Bar – Coconut Chip (per 45g serve) – 243kcal // 17.9g C (incl 12.3g sugar) / 20.9g F / 3g P

BSKT Vegan Chocolate Bar – Dark Cacao (per 45g serve) – 238kcal // 19.5g C (incl 13.3g sugar) / 20g F / 3g P

BSKT Vegan Chocolate Bar – Maca Espresso (per 45g serve) – 231kcal // 19.5g C (incl 12.8g sugar) / 19g F / 3.1g P


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