At One Energy Bars

At One Energy Bars

At One Energy Bars sound pretty zen.

And they tasted it too.

They’re made for endurance athletes who are after a lightweight, tasty, longer-lasting energy kick.

The ingredients are all naturally produced and the bars are free from added sugars, peanuts, soy, sulphur, dairy, gluten and preservatives.

At One Foods also say their bar produce slow release energy and are a rich source of fibre, antioxidants and omega 3.

They’ve currently got four flavours – salted caramel, coconut goji, banana chia, and cacao mint  (in descending order of my favourites).

Each bar has between 185 to 200 calories  jam packed into a dense, textural, easy-to-chew bar. Each bar also has approx 25 grams of carbs, 8 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein.

At One Energy Bars are made predominantly from dates, with a mix of nuts, seeds and other goodies.

At One Energy BarsDates have a low-ish glycemic index, but not as low as some fruits like apples and pears. Having a relatively low glycemic index means consumption of most dates should not result in dramatic changes in glucose levels after eating.

My favourite of the bunch was probably salted caramel. It was the lightest in colour with pale nutty pieces and a sweet aroma. Did I taste cashews? I did! Second on the list, followed by coconut, quinoa flakes, tahini, pepitas, sea salt and vanilla bean. It was definitely moreish, but also milder in flavour than the others. Had I not been told, I would have struggled to guess that it was Salted Caramel.

At One Energy Bars in banana chia flavour was undoubtedly banana. It was initially very sweet, but not overbearing. I noticed little crunchy bits, and could feel the chia and chunks of almond between my teeth. The aftertaste reminded me of banana cake.

Coconut goji was superbly speckled with flashes of red. It looked rich and festive, and had a (pleasant) mildly dusty, coconutty, lip glossy aroma. I could taste the coconut, and, I guessed, cinnamon. The texture had  a decent chew to it, yet not as crunchy as the other bars.

Cacao mint was the darkest and least speckled of them all. I could smell minty freshness, followed by a rich cocoa aroma. It was quite dense and had a serious, means business flavour. A little earthy and intense, and despite by love of choc mint, I found it my least favourite.

Find them here.

At One Energy Bar – Salted Caramel (per 45g serve) – 200kcal //  23.3g C (incl 15.6g sugar) / 9.9g F / 4.5g P

At One Energy Bars

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