Amazonia Raw Workout – Energy, Performance, Recovery

Amazonia Raw Workout – Energy, Performance, Recovery

I am always intrigued by the more natural, energising, low caffeine pre-workouts, such as Amazonia Raw Workout.

I love the idea of mixing together a whole bunch of energising herbs and natural ingredients to kick your butt and get you moving. Plus it’s largely focused on health, rather than just gut-wrenching doses of caffeine.

Amazonia Raw Workout came in a cute little tub. I popped open the lid and first noticed an aroma of freshly cut grass mixed with strawberry yoghurt. It reminded me of yoghurt buds or white chocolate and berries. It smelt very pleasant; earthy and sweet. And healthy.

It was beetrooty purple in colour with with black specks, almost like poppy seeds.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected it taste amazing. I wasn’t expecting an undeniably delicious flavour like a typical pre-workout.This one wasn’t artificially sweetened like the usual pre-wos and certainly didn’t taste like the usual blueberry pina colada bubblegum [insert other extravagant flavour] fizz.

It tasted quite a lot like beetroot. If you’ve ever made a juice or smoothie with beetroot, you’ll know what I mean. It didn’t taste like the aroma, so no white chocolate or strawberries, I’m afraid. It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, I just couldn’t describe it as delicious.

It tasted like I expected healthy and palatable. I first tried it purely with water, but I would recommend adding it to a smoothie, acai or breakfast bowl, or with coconut water or other fruit juices.

The texture when made with just water was surprisingly quite smooth. It was think in consistency, and not gritty or sandy. It looked a lot “chunkier” than it felt in my mouth.

The aftertaste was a little bitter, but again, mix it with something other than water and you will likely escape that issue.

I felt refreshed and revived after taking it. There was smack in the face of caffeine, given that there is less than 5mg per serves, but I definitely felt upbeat. It was refreshing and I felt just darn good.

Amazonia describe Raw Workout as “a unique nutrient-dense formula of electrolytes, superfoods, sea minerals, coconut, water, ancient seeds and herbs to provide a natural energy boost, stamina and hydration support.”

It contains more than 375 mg of electrolytes per serve and over 74 trace minerals.

The ingredients were mostly sorted by blends. This is a hip thing to do, I’ve noticed. Amazonia Raw Workout had the following blends:

  • fruit and vegetable blend – beetroot, goji berry juice, freeze-fried acai, elderberry fruit extract and mushroom;
  • organic seed and grain blend – oat bran, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, chia
  • natural sea mineral complex (which I’m going to say is a blend, but with more sophistication);
  • herbal energy blend – Siberian ginseng extract, yerba mate extract, ginkgo extract, gotu kola extract.

There was also coconut water, spouted and fermented pea protein, natural flavours and stevia lea extract. Majority of the ingredients were also certified organic.

Find it here.

Amazonia Raw Workout  (per 5g serve): 16kcal // 2.9g C (incl 0.7g sugar) / 0.22g F / 0.6g P

Amazonia Raw Workout

Photo on Vee Fit homepage and at top of page by Amazonia

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